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DA Presents: Ballet Beyond the Binary & Queer Identities in Dance

Jun 18, 2022

Ballet Beyond the Binary: A Conversation on Queer Identities in Dance explores the challenges and possibilities of queer identity in ballet.

Join Dancers Amplified on June 29, 2022, at 5:30pm EST for Ballet Beyond the Binary: A Conversation on Queer Identities in Dance. In this candid conversation, we will discuss the challenges and possibilities of queer genders and sexualities in 21st-century ballet. Hear from a multi-generational panel of artists and educators on how they navigate their queer identity and advocate for a more representative and inclusive future for ballet. Speakers include: Cortney Taylor Key, Kiara Felder, Logan Martin, Alyah Baker, Connor Holloway, and more!

This ticketed event is FREE and open to the public.

Donations of any amount are welcome and encouraged through Eventbrite or to support the research and labor of our presenting artists and the DA organizing committee.

About Dancers Amplified Presents: Dancers Amplified Presents provides a space to amplify the voices of today's artists. This series celebrates the whole dancer, their knowledge and expertise in addition to their brilliantly capable bodies. DA believes that amplifying the unique and distinguished voices of artists will continue to expand our understanding of dance history and offer possibilities for the future with a profound understanding of the need for sustainable, healthy, inclusive, and safe artistic spaces. These conversations are designed to encourage dialogue, challenge thought, and inspire hope. While these events are offered free of charge, please consider making a donation to support the necessary and oftentimes unpaid, exhausting, and traumatic labor of shifting the culture of our dance community. Donations can be made through Eventbrite or via


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