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Dancers Amplified is committed to empowering dancers around the world. Our work is inspired by your personal, professional, and artistic growth. We would love for you to get involved -  scroll to find out how!


Dancers Amplified is continually building out resources to be your go-to hub for information. Think of us as your Grand Central Station - simultaneously aggregating and distributing materials such as: Articles, Funds, Reports, Podcasts, Films, Organizations, Publications, Books and more. We would love to know which resources you use; please email us you recommendations at


Social justice vocabulary of the 21st century is nuanced, dynamic and evolving. This glossary was researched and curated by members of Dancers Amplified with the purpose of creating a shared understanding of terms that define our world and shape our mission. If there is terminology that you believe better fits or empowers your community, please email us at


Discover the growing list of partner groups and organizations. Each partnership is unique; please swipe across the pairs to discover how we work together to best serve you.

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