Dancers Amplified is committed to empowering you. As a continually evolving and limitless initiative our team has developed projects that we believe will help us engage with you to elevate the dance world. We hope you get involved and we can’t wait to meet you. 

Artswrk and Dancers Amplified - Partnership Announcement

Artswrk and Dancers Amplified are excited to announce their new partnership! The global Covid-19 pandemic inspired ingenuity and gave way to artist-led initiatives and projects popping up around the world. There is a new era of dancers rising - claiming ownership of their voices and impacting their communities through action...


This glossary was researched and curated by members of Dancers Amplified with the purpose of creating a shared understanding of terms that define our world and shape our mission. Words matter in everything we do, and we aim to empower dancers and dance leaders to learn about the dynamic, nuanced nature of our 21st-century social justice vocabulary.


A list of organizations, groups, and individuals who have partnered with Dancers Amplified.


Where you can find various resources aggregated by the Dancers Amplified Team including: Articles, Funds, Reports, Podcasts, Talks + Docs, Publications, Additional Resources, Links to Take Care of Yourselves, General Anti-Racism Book Resources, and more.