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Dancers Amplified is committed to empowering dancers around the world. Our work is inspired by your personal, professional and artistic growth. We would love for you to get involved -  scroll to find out how!


These events will provide a space to amplify what an artist is a today, bringing in the whole dancer beyond their brilliantly capable bodies. Artists have distinguished voices that continue to expand and interrogate our dance history with a profound understanding of the need for sustainable, healthy, inclusive, and safe artistic spaces. These conversations are aimed to encourage dialogue, challenge thought, and inspire hope. Far too often artists are underpaid or not paid at all for work that can be exhaustive and traumatizing.


Through the blog, Black Voices in Dance, Kara Roseborough and guest editors, will highlight the experiences of Black and brown artists across different dance genres, including dancers, choreographers, directors, costume designers, and composers. BVD encourages a dialogue in our readership about the systemic racism, prejudices, microaggressions, and cultural insensitivities that affect dancers around the world.


The Dancers Amplified podcast is a platform where dancers’ voices are heard. We seek to center the marginalized and amplify the voices of those that have been suppressed for far too long. Our work is as alive as the lives it affects and learns from. We are motivators and activators leading the dance world towards an equitable, diverse, and inclusive future, accessible and benefitting all.

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