Dancers Amplified is a dancer-led global alliance that aims to center marginalized perspectives and empower artists, individuals, and organizations working towards social justice and cultural equity in dance.


Dancers Amplified envisions an equitable dance world, actively engaged in its role to represent modern society and cultivate art through diversity, inclusion and access.


We strive towards this goal by: 

  • Empowering individuals, projects and organizations with resources to aid and support their movements in advocacy and dance. 

  • Providing a virtual networking platform on which dancer-activists share valuable knowledge and gather information from their peers, promoting communication and collaboration. 

  • Developing and integrating the Dancers Amplified Global Active Practices: a continually updated document created through research and data collection that includes methods of action for diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in arts organizations and for the individuals that work in them.



Initiated by a core group of artists, dance scholars, and industry professionals across the world, the alliance represents a growing international roster of current and former professionals, activists, and BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists from leading institutions, as well as the Broadway stage, the freelance community, the halls of academia, the offices of arts administration, and more. 

The Dancers Amplified team seeks to encourage dancers to embody the activist nature within and amplify our voices to create lasting, sustainable change. As dancers we dedicate our lives to self-assessment and practice. Rarely do we have the space or support systems to explore beyond our bodies. We practice in cultures of perfectionism, separatism, and competition, which limit our ability to participate in healthy working environments. We deserve to be valued beyond our bodies; our intellect has great power. The tools we apply to dance - extreme focus, analysis, critical thinking - are useful in many other areas. 


At Dancers Amplified we create and provide  mechanisms of support that enable us to tackle the issues that impact us as human beings. We meet virtually on Slack and Zoom to discuss how to foster supportive environments and facilitate the activation of new practices, behaviors and procedures amongst colleagues. 


Art is political, dance is political - it is our duty as artists to be at the forefront of change. Our time is now to meet this responsibility and set an example for the rest of the world. We know our power, grace and flexibility. The world will see that we are the motivators, activators, and change-makers of now; the leaders of the future. 


Send us an email; we are always looking for new team members and ambassadors. 



The International Association of Blacks in Dance, fiscal sponsor of Dancers Amplified


Racism is the foremost threat to dance and all art. For the future of this art-form, for the lives of Black dancers and dancers of color; white supremacist culture must be eradicated. The systems of oppression that continue to inflict emotional trauma, physical violence and mental fatigue, must be dismantled and rebuilt to work for and include all people. The guise of tradition which has allowed ballet to continue this,  must be removed. The International Association of Blacks in Dance and Dancers Amplified work together to center; meet with and collaborate, involve individuals at all levels and in every department, in the work of anti racism, for the sustainability of dance and all art. 


The International Association of Blacks in Dance has served and celebrated Black dance for thirty years by providing financial support to Black companies and artists and being a resource for the entire sector. Through initiatives involving artistic and executive directors across the greater American dance community, IABD engages leadership in conversations addressing systemic change within the industry, including implementing diversity, equity, inclusion, and access policies into their administrative and artistic hiring practices, artistic programming, education and training programs. Dancers Amplified will work alongside IABD to further center the artist's voice in these critical conversations. In doing so, Dancers Amplified sets a new precedent for internal communication by involving dancers on the issues that affect them most.



Dancers Amplified Film:



Nathan Brhane

Donnie Duncan Jr. 

Sebia Plantefeve-Castryck

Davi Ramos

Kele Roberson

Daniel Robert Silva

Directed and Created:

Mathieu Gremillet


James Stout


Tendu the Work T-shirt Fundraiser:



Nathan Brhane

Mitchell Hamel

Ahmad Joudeh

Robin Nimanong

Shiva Mugler

Sarita Sarada

Suela Wilsterman



Nanda Hagenaars


*Dutch National Ballet Company photographed by Altin Kaftira

Contributing Photographer: Nina Tonoli