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Dancers Amplified is ready to share its most determined endeavor yet

>> a living document created through research and data collection that includes methods of resonating action for diversity, equity, inclusion and access. <<

Our Global Active Practices Document is the result of months of research, writing, reviewing, countless Zoom calls, Google documents, and the lived experiences of dance artists from around the world. As artists who have endured microaggressions, blatant racism, physical harm, and mental and emotional trauma, we believe these practices can serve as a catalyst for lasting and pervasive social, cultural, and aesthetic shifts.


Dismantling white supremacy, capitalism, misogyny, cis-hetero patriarchy, and anti-Black racism is a complex and pervasive process that requires compassion, empathy, and a conscientious understanding of intersectional identities.


We must all work together to reject the default of exclusion that is currently prevalent within our industry and create a truly equitable environment that welcomes and celebrates the beautifully diverse communities that we aim to unite and enrich.

Read the Dancers Amplified Global Active Practices, sign the pledge, and step into your activism now.

Media Kit

Gabrielle Salvatto, lead writer and researcher of the Global Active Practices, described the GAP as a FUBU document - written for us, by us. It is for this reason that we ask you to step into your activism by signing the pledge and sharing our message. Inspire your community to take action and stand with us in solidarity.


In the Media Kit you will find captions, hashtags, image content, and resources to help amplify your activism on your social media platform of choice. The fight against pervasive oppression and racism in dance and the world at large requires an ongoing commitment. We encourage you to share as much as you are able to.

A Snapshot of What's Ahead

Current diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within the cultural dance sector are largely defined as passive constructs where one group, typically in a position of power, invites another group to engage with them.


Dancers Amplified is bridging the GAP between leadership and dance artists to create methods for action that shift current power dynamics and responsibilities.


Diversity, equity and inclusion practices are most effective when informed by those who are most affected by them. This dance party analogy demonstrates that anyone should be able to send out an invitation, but the party can't get started until we all show up.

Diversity: Everyone is invited to the dance party

  • People aren't "diverse", they're individuals. Diversity reflects on the differences between individuals and means multiple racial, cultural, and social identities are represented in significant numbers. An artist does not serve as a representative for other members of their demographic, but solely as a representative for themselves.

Inclusion: Being a member of the party planning committee

  • Inclusion is about value. The values, perspectives, and ideas of all individuals should have the ability to be heard and to impact change. Respect, support, and belonging for all artists and employees are demonstrated through words and actions.

Access: Having the same pathway onto the dance floor.

  • Identify and eliminate the barriers that have prevented certain individuals from being able to fully participate, comprehend and engage with an environment.

Equity: Having the amount of dance space on the floor you need to do the same dance.

  • Providing equal access to opportunity based on the specific needs and experiences of each individual. Underrepresented and marginalized groups need varying levels of support to create an equal playing field within an institution.

Accountability: Cleaning up your own spills and helping others

  • Holding oneself accountable for their own words, goals and actions. Acknowledging the values and groups for whom one is responsible.

  • All employees should feel confident and supported by the systems of accountability available to them so that they can feel safe when reporting instances of racism, discrimination, and oppression.

Join the call to action. Together we can lead by example in a world that desperately needs transformative justice and accountability.

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