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Feb 5, 2022

Artswrk and Dancers Amplified are excited to announce their new partnership!

Artswrk and Dancers Amplified - Partnership Announcement Artswrk and Dancers Amplified are excited to announce their new partnership! The global Covid-19 pandemic inspired ingenuity and gave way to artist-led initiatives and projects popping up around the world. There is a new era of dancers rising - claiming ownership of their voices and impacting their communities through action. At DA we believe that information gathering and knowledge distribution are our greatest power. This is where Artswrk steps in. Artswrk can support the activist in you through connections to like minded individuals, access to partner organizations, educational materials and opportunities to take part in events hosted by Dancers Amplified and Artswrk. Together we will shift away from the harmful cultures of separatism and competition in dance that have prevented dancers from forming bonds that are necessary to advance change and drive social justice movements forward. Join other artists, connect, discover new opportunities and ways to collaborate, and activate your voice on the issues that matter to you most. About Artswrk: Artswrk is the professional network for artists and creatives. Co-Founders Ramita Ravi and Nick Silverio (UPenn alumni) are building the biggest artist referral site by offering a free, streamlined platform for artists to showcase, find, refer, and support work. Their mission is for all Artswrkers to have the necessary digital tools to build sustainable livelihoods doing what they love, and their vision is for creative industries to be innovative, resilient, and driven by a network of empowered artists. Make your profile today and be sure to connect with the Dancers Amplified page. We will keep you updated on new features through Artswrk that we are working on together!


Visit Artswrk HERE

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