The global, public version of The Amplified Network will open in Summer 2021.

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We are in this together. Power shared is stronger than power reserved - collective knowledge is the greatest power. We empower each other with resources to better ourselves and our surrounding communities. The ingenuity that the global Covid-19 pandemic birthed, gave way to artist-led initiatives and projects around the world. There is a new era of dancers rising - claiming ownership of their voices and impacting their communities through action. We support this activist nature through access to partner organizations, connections to like minded individuals, educational materials and opportunities to take part in Dancers Amplified programming. 


The harmful cultures of separatism and competition in dance, have prevented dancers from forming bonds that advance change and drive social justice movements forward. Dancers Amplified dissolves these cultures and re-imagines information sourcing, gathering, and distribution. Take a look at our Elevate page to learn more.


Dancers Amplified relies on the engagement of our world wide community for feedback and research to continually update the living document of Dancers Amplified Active Practices. We are in the process of scaling up our DA Ambassador Program- members will serve as DA representatives and assist in the activation of new practices, behaviors and procedures amongst colleagues. Our Global pledge will be released in June here on our website. 

More information will come soon on how to join our network of activist-artists. To stay inspired, active, creative, and empowered, keep an eye on all of our social media channels and buy some merchandise to embody the activist in you!