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Dancers Amplified is for dancers by dancers. We are artist-led which is why your support is absolutely vital to the sustainability of our initiative and longevity of our operation. We value contributions of any capacity, be they through active participation or financial gifts. One of the easiest ways to stay in the know and engage in our work, is by becoming a Patreon member. Different tier levels give you varying access to our INclusive content. Our team members and global network will share their passion for art and activism through many mediums. Coming soon is a world wide video campaign which will expand upon the original “We Are Dancers Amplified” film produced in Amsterdam. We will keep you motivated with the Dancers Amplified podcast, interviews, journals, global news, academic talks, live discussions, and behind the scenes work. 


Our creative content will always seek to center the marginalized and spotlight the art of those continually oppressed. We amplify the voices of dancers, creatives, and all artists. Our intellect reaches beyond our bodies, the studio, and the stages on which we present our work. We know our power, grace, and dexterity. The world will see that we are the motivators, activators, and change-makers of now; the leaders of the future. Our abilities are limitless, we forever dream and cultivate beauty in a myriad of ways. Here, with you, we share our unbounded skill.


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