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Dancers Amplified is a global, artist-led organization that provides support and aid to its network of dancers with resources to better oneself, the companies we work for, and the communities we live in. With a focus on communication, knowledge sharing and information gathering, we actively dissolve the separatist cultures in dance. We believe in the inherent activist nature that resides within us and our ability to embody it beyond the means in which our art form facilitates. 


Dancers Amplified is grounded in the potential of a new normal: a radically inclusive and equitably diverse dance world where the critical aspects of an artist's identity empower their art, rather than “limit” or “distract” from it. We seek to center the marginalized and amplify the voices of those that have been suppressed for far too long. Our work is as alive as the lives it affects and learns from. We are motivators and activators leading the dance world towards an equitable, diverse, and inclusive future, accessible and benefiting all. 


Dancers Amplified is fiscally sponsored by The International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD).


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